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What projects will Sadler Means YWLA receive as part of the 2022 Bond?

Sadler Means YWLA will receive a full campus modernization located at the current school site. The modernized campus will feature flexible spaces to support a variety of learning styles, outdoor learning opportunities, educator collaboration areas, fine arts and career & technical education spaces, indoor and outdoor athletics and a secure entry vestibule.


How much will this project cost?

The total project budget for Sadler Means is $102,144,000. This includes the budget for construction, as well as associated fees for services and materials.


What is the project timeline? When will it be open to students?

Sadler Means’ modernization design began in summer 2023. The campus is expected to open to students at the start of the spring 2027 semester.


What is a full modernization project?

A project that addresses all the needs of a facility (building deficiencies, educational suitability, capacity, etc.) by bringing the entire school and site in line with the Educational Specifications and Project Development Manual. A school can be modernized through all new construction, renovation or a combination of both.


How will construction impact students and teachers? Will they have to relocate to portables or another location during construction?

The safety of our students and staff during construction is our top priority. In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to relocate, or “swing” students and staff to portables on the Sadler Means YWLA site while the rest of the site is under construction.


How will construction impact neighbors who live near the school?

Neighbors in the immediate area surrounding the school will be notified before the start of construction and will be made aware of any major changes during construction. While every project is different, activities to expect include: temporary fencing installed around the active construction site, trucks entering and exiting the primary construction area; neighbors may hear backup alarms while equipment and trucks are on site. There will also be hammering, drilling and other general construction equipment noises.


What will be the capacity of the modernized school?

Sadler Means’ new campus will be built to a capacity of approximately 600-700 students grades 6-8 to accommodate the current enrollment and neighborhood demographics.

What happens to the contents of a building that is being modernized?

Austin ISD is committed to sustainability and recycles or re-purposes as much as possible from buildings that are being modernized or remodeled.


How do I get involved with the project and provide input?

A Campus Architectural Team (CAT) has been formed to provide input on the project. CAT meetings are open to the public and public comment will be allowed at the start of each meeting. There will also be three public community meetings over the course of the project for families, staff and community members to get an update on progress and provide input. Those meeting dates and times will be published at and once they are confirmed.


How will Sadler Means students be involved in the design process?

The Campus Architectural Team includes student representatives who will provide insight about Sadler Means’ needs and how the new campus can best serve the overall student population. There will be additional opportunities for student involvement throughout the project cycle. 


Who can I contact with questions or feedback?

Please reach out to the district via the Bond Questions and Comments Form. You can also visit for additional information on the 2022 Bond.


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