Modernization and Open Concept Projects

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The 2022 Bond includes 25 full or partial modernization projects, which are full replacement campuses or major school renovations. These projects will feature flexible spaces designed to support a range of learning styles, collaboration areas and modern, adaptable furniture. In addition to the 25 modernization projects, the 2022 Bond also includes renovations to four open-concept campuses (Cook, Oak Hill, Odom and Williams elementaries) by constructing full walls and doors between all classrooms, improving the student experience and making the campus safer. A few comprehensive projects, which include significant space improvements for programming and/or services offered at a campus or facility that is not an open concept or modernization, are also planned.

Each modernization and open concept project and some comprehensive projects are designed with input from a Campus Architectural Team composed of teachers, staff, parents, community members and at the secondary level, students, who guide the design process to ensure the new facility meets the unique needs of their school community.

All Austin ISD schools, except for some that were fully modernized as part of the 2017 Bond, will receive targeted projects to improve systems like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and address other campus deficiencies. View the All Schools page to see the full list of schools and see what projects your school is receiving through the 2022 Bond.