2022 Bond FAQ

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General Bond Questions


How much money is included in the 2022 Bond?

In November 2022, voters approved $2,439,000,000 in bond funds for the improvements to district campuses and facilities.


What projects are included in the 2022 Bond?

The 2022 Bond includes 25 schools that will be modernized through full or phased projects, as well as 300+ projects to repair critical deficiencies such as HVAC, plumbing, roofing and other chronic maintenance issues. Every school in the district with critical deficiencies will receive funding for these repairs. Improvements to campus safety and security have also been prioritized throughout the district. Austin ISD will install secure vestibules at every campus that does not already have one. The bond also includes funding for additional fencing and locks.


What is the difference between a modernization project and a targeted project?

A “modernization project” is a comprehensive project meant to address many of the needs of a facility (deficiencies, educational suitability, capacity, etc.) in one or several phased large projects. Through these projects the district will ensure the school is in line with the Austin ISD Educational Specifications.

A “targeted project” will address more limited but critical deficiencies at facilities. These projects will address safety, security, and chronic electrical, plumbing, structural and HVAC issues.


When will construction begin on bond projects?

Project planning is already underway. We will kick off the planning process for the first nine modernization projects, all of which are at schools that serve historically underserved student groups, this spring. The schedule for targeted projects, including safety and security improvements, will minimize disruptions and potential construction safety concerns for students. Several are expected to be completed as early as Fall 2023. Each project will have a set timeline based on complexity of the project, design duration, and construction duration.

Visit AISDFuture.com to see the project schedule for the comprehensive (modernization) projects. The construction timeline is different for each project, but the goal is to deliver the first large projects in Spring 2025.


How does this bond program prioritize safety and security in Austin ISD?

The district has prioritized safety and security by including secure vestibules, upgraded locks and keys, and perimeter fencing at all campuses. Planning for these projects has already begun with construction on some projects beginning in summer 2023.

Austin ISD will install secure vestibules at every campus that does not already have one as part of the 2022 Bond program. The schedule varies by school and depends in part on whether the vestibules will be installed as a targeted project or as part of a modernization.


How do I find out what is happening at my school?

For more information about the 2022 Bond Program, please visit AISDFuture.com. To learn more about the projects planned at a specific campus please refer to the 2022 Bond Book.


Project Types


Open Concept

A project that renovates open concept areas of the school to ensure security and improve the learning environment by fully enclosing spaces while meeting the intent of the Educational Specifications.


Full Modernization

A project that addresses all the needs of a facility (building deficiencies, educational suitability, capacity, etc.) by bringing the entire school and site in line with the Educational Specifications and Project Development Manual. A school can be modernized through all new construction, renovation, or a combination of both.


Phased Modernization

A part of a full modernization plan (to address building deficiencies, educational suitability, capacity, etc.) that is in line with the Educational Specifications and Project Development Manual. Future phases to complete the fully modernized vision will be included in future bond programs.


Comprehensive Project

A project that includes significant space improvements for programming and/or services offered at a campus or facility that is not an Open Concept or Full Modernization project.


Targeted Project

A project that addresses immediate facility infrastructure needs and deficiencies. These include life safety, electrical, structural, flooding, heating and cooling, parking and other concerns. These projects are meant to keep students and staff safe, dry and in climate controlled facilities.


Modernizations/Comprehensive Projects


How do I get involved?

If your school is receiving a modernization project, you are invited to apply to be a part of the Campus Architectural Team. The CAT interest form, as well as a general interest form to receive information and updates, are both available at AISDFuture.com


What is the schedule for modernization projects?

Click here to view the modernization schedule. As projects begin, more detailed schedules that include planning and design, construction documents, construction and opening timelines will be released.


How was the schedule for the modernization projects developed?

Planning for the 2022 Bond planning followed the Equity by Design model and the district will continue to prioritize equity throughout the implementation of the bond. This is why many of our Title 1 schools, which serve historically underserved student groups, are slated for modernizations that will kick off in the coming months. Additionally, projects that have the longest timeline are beginning in 2023 so that they can be completed within the next five years.


Will students stay on campus during modernizations?

Most students will be able to remain on their own campus, possibly in portable buildings, throughout the duration of construction. However, some campuses will need to relocate, or “swing,” to an alternate facility. The details for these campuses are still being refined and will be shared early in the process.


What happens to the contents of a building that is being modernized?

Austin ISD is committed to sustainability and recycles or re-purposes as much as possible from buildings that are being modernized or remodeled.


What is a Campus Architectural Team?

The Campus Architectural Team, or CAT, is responsible for gathering and providing community input during planning, design and construction as we seek to modernize the facility. The designated design team will meet regularly with the CAT throughout each phase of a given project, from initial planning through design, construction and finally the opening of the modernized facility. CATs are made up of approximately 10-15 members of that school’s community and are selected by the principal and Austin ISD leadership.

A Campus Architectural Team will be established for each modernization and comprehensive project included in the 2022 Bond. If you would like to be involved in your school’s CAT, an interest form can be found at AISDFuture.com.


Economic Impact 


How is Austin ISD working to fulfill equity in the economic impact of 2022 Bond projects?

Austin ISD is committed to ensuring diversity in contracting for the 2022 Bond projects. Our goal is to support underserved communities and promote the growth of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) like minority and women-owned businesses. Partnering with HUBs on bond-funded construction and professional services projects is part of our commitment to equity and empowerment of our students as future leaders and entrepreneurs.


How are HUB goals set?

Austin ISD first established goals for overall HUB participation on construction projects and individual targets for Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) and Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), including African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American-owned businesses, as part of the 2017 Bond. The HUB Program helps local MBEs and WBEs gain access to the wealth and spending that the bond generates. For more information, visit www.austinisd.org/hub.


How do I become certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)?

The Austin Independent School District accepts HUB, MBE, WBE certifications from the following entities:

  • State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business Program
  • City of Austin's Small and Minority Business Resources Department
  • North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
  • South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Houston Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council and
  • Women's Business Council Southwest/Austin