Board Approves Worker Protections Resolution for All Bond Projects

Ann Richards Construction Team


On September 29, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees approved the Worker Protections Resolution which aims to be one of the strongest labor standards in Texas. 


Why it matters: The resolution would require any entity awarded a bid for a bond project to participate in the Better Builder Program® or a similar program with protections for all workers. 

This requires that all contracts awarded by the District

  • Ensure a living wage as established by the District or prevailing wage under the Davis Bacon Act for all workers under the contract; 
  • Ensure access to healthcare and paid sick leave to the extent permissible under law; 
  • And afford local workers a hiring preference where allowed by federal law and regulation and state procurement requirements.


This also includes a 15% local hiring goal for the district bond projects. Cumulative work hours should be performed by at least 15% local workers who have completed an apprenticeship recognized by the US Department of Labor and students or graduates of Austin Community College (ACC).  Safety training is also included for all workers. 


Dive deeper: View the full resolution here and click here to find out more about each campus’ proposed projects as part of the 2022 Bond.